Bagdad GOTownsite Housing Administration offices 
700 Palo Verde Road
 (at the Community Campus) 
(928) 633-6001

Bagdad Townsite Housing is divided into three main organizations:  Townsite Administration, Townsite Maintenance and the Housing Team.

Townsite Administration oversees housing applications, lease agreements, housing transfers and upgrades, guest housing, the Copper Sheet Motel, the local Conoco gas station, Mesa View Golf Course and the Community Campus.

Townsite Maintenance oversees maintenance, repairs, upgrades to Townsite properties per lease agreements, and Copper Market Gas, Inc.

The Housing Team handles appeals to housing policy, all transfer requests, business proposals/requests, major renovations/maintenance requests, and review of other matters related to Townsite properties.  The Housing Team currently consists of Bagdad Operations General Manager, Controller, Housing Superintendent and Community Development Specialist.

Office hours: Monday – Friday 7 a.m.- 5 p.m., closed for standard business holidays.

Maintenance requests:  Please call (928) 633-6015 and leave a message containing the nature of the problem, your address and a contact number.