Copper Market Inc. Propane Awareness and Safety Survey

To the Bagdad Community:

Subject: Take the Copper Market Inc. Propane Awareness and Safety Survey Now Through December 1

You recently were mailed a survey from Copper Market Inc., which operates and maintains a propane distribution system in Bagdad. The survey is part of a federal compliance requirement to ensure propane awareness and safety in our community.

Please take a few minutes to complete and return the postage-paid survey, or you can take it online at To ensure your responses are confidential, Copper Market Inc. is using an outside survey vendor to enter and tabulate results.

Your input is valuable in helping Copper Market Inc. improve propane awareness and safety information in our community.

Thank you for your participation.


Bagdad Weather

Bagdad weather is now available in real time! No more looking up Bagdad weather and getting Prescott or Wickenburg. Bagdad has a weather station that downloads Bagdad weather to, with more sites to come in the near future.

Wunderground link:

For Android app:– “Search weather underground”

For IPhone app: