Yarnell Fire Relief Efforts

Fire Relief efforts in place for those impacted by the Yarnell fire:

  • American Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter – for immediate emergency assistance.    Donations to the Red Cross can also be made at the registers at our local Bashas’.   On the Red Cross Website, people can designate for Your Local Red Cross Chapter, which will support the Yarnell Hill fire efforts. There is an Arizona Wildfires designation that has been added, but the only way to designate this at this time is via the chapter (call and donate via phone at 602.336.6660 or via the 1.800.REDCROSS number).  The Red Cross has noted that at this point they aren’t collecting items such as food, blankets, or toiletries.  Monetary contributions are more beneficial for the time being.


  • The Arizona Community Foundation, in partnership with the Yavapai Community Foundation located in Prescott, is accepting contributions to address long-term recovery efforts, including relief for displaced families and individuals, animal welfare, environmental needs, community clean-up, rebuilding and more.  The Community Foundation is matching dollar for dollar up to $125,000.  To find out more about this fund please go to: www.azfoundation.org/yarnellfirePlease note: the Foundation is not charging administrative fees on this fund.  This fund will be dispersed according to the wishes and direction of the people of Yarnell.


  • United Way Yarnell Emergency Fire Fund — the Fund will help those who have lost loved ones fighting the fire with the Granite Mountain Hot Shots and to the residents of Yarnell who have lost their homes to the wild fire.


Freeport employees – Matching Gifts ProgramDonations of $25-$1000 made to qualified nonprofit organizations can be double matched by the company.  Please go to freeportinmycommunity.com/pages/employee-matching-gifts-program to learn more about Matching Gifts and to complete the online form.


Townsite Update

Here are a few seasonal reminders to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and knowledgeable as to how to remain compliant with your leasing provisions on yard maintenance, approved pets, and visitors/occupants.

  • Please maintain your yard, trim grass, weeds, trees and bushes as needed.
  • Please have pets approved by the landlord, remember, all pets must be approved. Farm animals, foul, etc. are not approved pets and should be kept at the corrals.
  • Please call Townsite Maintenance at 633-6015 with any leaking hose bibs.
  • Please make sure you water appropriately. Please do not allow water to run down the streets, or overflow the yard.
  • Water lawns and plants at night
  • Please have any visitors or occupants staying more than 14 days over a 6 month period fill out the necessary occupant application.
    • Note: RV occupants need to apply for an RV space. Townsite does not allow tenants, visitors or occupants to occupy RV’s in yards or side yards.
  • Please notify Townsite Maintenance if you have any major concerns with your property that need to be addressed i.e.) water leaks, roof leaks, electrical malfunctions, or plumbing malfunctions. These types of problems tend to get worse over time…not better. It is much easier to fix small problems before they become a disaster.
  • Spring is a great time to clean out your homes and get rid of excess junk. Call Townsite Services at 633-6001 for a schedule of free dump days.

Thanks in advance for helping make Bagdad “The Best Copper Town Anywhere”.

2013 Blood Drive Dates

Save these dates and become a Blood Hero by participating in United Blood Services blood drives in 2013.

Monday    June 3,  4pm – 8pm

Monday   September 23,  4pm – 8pm

Monday   December 9,  3pm – 6:30pm

Location: American Legion Hall, 120 Main St.

Make an appointment by contacting Fred Reiter (928-633-4350) or Laura Phelps (928-633-6633) or by logging on to www.bloodhero.com (sponsor code Bagdad).

Walk-ins are welcome.