Bagdad residents also have these community partners to rely on for various services including health care, early childhood support, food and clothing.

Bagdad Community Food Bank 

119D Main St.  |  928.848.1718

Open to the public the 2nd Wednesday of every month 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Emergency food is available as needed.

Contact  |  Lori Hernandez

Copperkids Daycare

700 Palo Verde  |  928.633.6583

A state licensed facility, providing care for up to 90 children

Contact  |  Cheryl Collins, Owner –

Community Development

The company’s guiding philosophy for its Community Development activities is Transforming Tomorrow Together – a commitment to implementing a Social Impact Framework that includes priorities, strategies and goals that drive us to work collaboratively with communities to make transformative change that better enables them to increase overall individual and community opportunity, well-being and capacity. 
Our framework or approach for delivering on our guiding philosophy of Transforming Tomorrow Together is based on three main priority areas that we believe help deliver on our commitment:
• Education and Workforce Development
• Economic Opportunity
• Resilience, Capacity-building and Leadership

For more information on Freeport-McMoRan’s Community Development activities and opportunities, please contact:    

Ann Steward  |  928.633.6136  |  |


United Way of Yavapai County

Website  |  Facebook  |  928.778.6605

XXXXXXAn all-volunteer organization that provides grant support in the areas of education, income and health to nonprofit organizations in Yavapai County.



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